Thursday, April 18, 2013

Get The Help You Need-Use An Anti Virus On Your Computer

We are living in an Information age and today more and more people use computers to help them reach information or to do some work. Every computer in order to operate uses an operation system and one of the most frequently used operation systems today is called Microsoft Windows. It has many versions but when it comes down to repair there are some fundamental things that people should know to easily help themselves and to know exactly when a help from a specialist is necessary. Anti virus is what you all need to know about.

It is done by simple copy of your important data into one or more locations or you can use more sophisticated methods like partition backups or system backup. I will not give any details because the goal of this article is only to give you the basics to enable anyone who want to begin from there. Now I will tell you about some basic operations you need to learn to perform on a regular basis.

The first one is called backup. It is done by simple copy of your important data into one or more locations or you can use more sophisticated methods like partition backups or system backup. When making backup keep in mind that the keeper of it is very important. If you store the backup on your hard drive the chances for it to be damaged are big. They are even bigger when using floppy diskettes or CDs. One good way could be a fast ftp access or on other Internet location that is secured, big enough and fast enough for your needs.

The system registry is another part of your system you should know about. It is made to keep almost every option that software and hardware use to work. Many programs could help you clean it up and tune up your system but you should know that sometimes this could be dangerous because if you damage a critical segment of your registry data the system may crush or some of your software could not work properly. Usually people reinstall the software that causes problems and most of the time this could fix things up but the system registry always needs to be taken seriously no matter what operations you want to perform on it.
The system checking is another opportunity to analyze possible problems with your software or hardware components.

Every Windows system has tools designed to help you on that matter. On the market you can find some more advanced software too provided from Symantec or other software corporations. Sometimes when you store important information you may even want to ask professionals to keep you safe because it is impossible for everyone to know even the main principals on how viruses works and how to keep yourself save from them.
There are many ways to contact a professional today or to install an anti virus program. This could save you not only time, nerves and money but it could help you design a new way to perform the operations you need and help you take your work to a new plane.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The ongoing writing and spreading of viruses and of panic about them gives the vendors of commercial anti virus software a financial interest in the ongoing existence of viruses.Some theorize that antivirus companies have financial ties to virus writers, to generate their own market,though there is really know evidence that we know of.Some of the antivirus software can considerable reduce performance.

Users may disable the antivirus protection to overcome the performance loss,thus increasing the risk of infection.For maximum protection the antivirus software needs to be enabled at all times-often at the cost of slower performance.It is also important to know that a person should not have more than one antivirus software installed on a single computer at any given time.This can seriously cripple your computer and cause further damage.

It is also sometimes necessary to temporarily disable virus protection when you install major updates such as Windows Service Packs or updating graphics card drivers.Having antivirus protection running at the same time as installing a major update may prevent the update installing properly or even installing it at all.When you do decide to purchase antivirus software,the agreement may include a clause that your subscription will be automatically renewed,and your credit card automatically billed at the time of you are suppose to renew without you authorizing it.

For example,Mcafee requires you to subscribe at least 60 days before before the expiration of your present subscription,If that is the case, the subscriber may contest the charges with the credit card issuer,but this course of action is likely to be at no avail to you if in fact the subscriber had authorized such a "continuous payment authority".

Some antivirus programs are actually spyware masquerading as antivirus software.It is to your advantage to check twice that the antivirus software which you are downloading is actually a real antivirus program.Some commercial antivirus software programs contain adware,

For example, the home/small business version of a CA Anti-Virus 2008 displays an advert for CA products whenever the desktop is unlocked after a period of when the computer is not active.It would be no surprise when viruses that plague the desktop and the laptop world quickly migrate to mobile devices.More and more vendors in this space are offering solutions to combat secure mobile handsets with antivirus solutions.

Anti virus programs come in many different varieties and range from cheap to really expensive but trust me, without an anti virus program you are going to end up being out much more money in the end because of the expenses of repairing or replacing your computer. You can find many of these types of programs for your home computer or office computer right here on the internet or in any computer store in your area.

Good luck with keeping your computer up and running properly and if you do not already have an anti virus program for your computer system, please consider choosing to purchase yourself one very soon, for a much more reliable computer, which we all need.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Remembering Why You Need An Anti Virus Program For Your Computer!

There are several reasons why you should use security software to protect your personal information and your computer while online. Security software offers Internet users with protection against viruses, worms, spyware and other programs that are designed to influtrate your computer system without your permission.Internet security software will help prevent identity theft.

Identity theft is a crime that affects over nine million Americans each year. It can take a victim years to recover from identity theft. Sometimes a victim of identity theft is unable to get an educational loan or a credit card or a loan or is turned down for a job. Another benefit to using security software is that the software is designed to stop hackers in their tracks. This is the best way to protect your privacy while you are online.

Plus with security software you can make your IP address unlisted. This is great because often time’s hacker will use your IP address to access the Internet for free. This can disrupt your computer system. When you install security software onto your computer you are ensuring that your information and computer system when you are at an unsecured location such as a Internet cafĂ© or a hotel or a airport. This is perfect for the Internet user who is always on the go.

With Internet security software you are protecting all of the data on your computer with specialized encryption software. Other benefits are that security software eliminates popup, offers hard drive security, and eliminates censorship by your ISP and so much more. Anti virus software will provide you with excellent protection from anything that could take over your computer system in a negative manner, causing it possible danger.

The Internet has changed the way the we live, we work and we play. We are connected to people and information from different parts of the world in a matter of seconds. The Internet has revolutionized the way we conduct business or look fro a job. The only negative aspect is that the Internet has created a new form of crime, cyber crime. Protect yourself while online with security software.

Remembering the importance of an anti virus program is the key to a much happier experience surfing the internet or working from your computer system. Knowing that you have protection will give you the peace of mind that you need to never have to worry about losing important information due to bugs or viruses attacking your computer.

Anti virus programs are very important and remembering this will surely save you a great hassle down the road, instead of having to worry about being attacked. Tell your friends about the importance of an anti virus program so that they too can have the peace of mind of not worrying about being attacked and losing very important things. Without this protection your computer system is going to fall apart in just a matter of time. Good luck!

The Importance Of Having A Anti-virus On Your Computer

All of us who have computers probably have an anti-virus of some kind on it. One thing you may not know is that a lot of times those anti-virus protection for your computer comes only for a limited amount of time.I always thought I had a anti-virus protection on my computer. I would keep getting a pop up saying your subscription needs to be renewed. I always ignored it because I didn't know what it was for.It turned out that was my Mcfee Anti-Virus protection and I no longer had it on my computer because I didn't renew it.

I was running my fairly new computer with no Anti-virus on it. I did not know it was so important to have it until my step-daughter told me her computer had crashed. I asked why that happened,because she lost a lot of her work that was stored in her computer. She told me it was full of viruses because she didn't have the proper anti-virus protection on it. I think it is kind of funny that a computer can get a virus,but it is not funny at all. There are so many people that hack into other peoples computers and cause all kinds of viruses on your computer.

After I was told about this I really wasn't sure how to get a anti-virus protection on my computer. I thought they would cost a lot of money,but it turns out there is many free sites that you can download for free. These free anti-virus protection works just as well as the ones you have to pay money for. One thing I also learned is to clear out the cookies on your computer. It will cause your computer to slow down if you have a lot of things stored in it.Without the anti-virus protection you must realize with all the information you have stored can be hacked into.

To get to your cookies on your computer just go to start on your desktop and then go to run. A box will come up and just type in cookies and browse and that will pull up every site you have gone to while you have had your computer. You can delete all that stuff except where is says index.It won't let you delete that out. So it doesn't take so long to delete you can highlight everything and hit delete on you keyboard and everything you highlighted will be deleted automatically.

You may think all of this really doesn't matter but it is very important to have an anti-virus protection plan on your computer and to keep your cache cleaned out so you don't get viruses that will make your computer crash. You also have a lot less worry about with all the talk about identification fraud. Identification fraud can absolutely ruin and your family's life.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Steps To Take To Get Computer Protection-Anti Virus Software

If you have a Windows-based machine, you may have noticed a decline in your computer’s performance since you bought it. It may freeze up suddenly, or it just could be acting a bit sluggish. Instead of buying a new system, you should first try whatever you can to preserve your current one. Here are 7 lightning quick fixes to improve your computer’s performance.

Solution #1: Run anti-virus software: Computer viruses are especially frustrating because in most cases they are made by someone with nothing better to do than to try to hurt your computer. Viruses can slow performance or even wipe out precious data. Avoid this fate at all costs by buying a good anti-virus software solution and running it all of the time. To find one, do a Web search and compare options.

Solution #2: Run a defragment routine: Okay, this sounds esoteric and technical but it is actually bone simple to do. All this means is that you are arranging the data on your hard drive more efficiently. Do a search on your operating system for defragment and follow the prompts. This fix is free but can take an hour or more to run, so plan accordingly.

Solution #3: Clean up your hard drive: Here is another super-easy and free fix and involves ridding yourself of unneeded files on your hard drive. A less cluttered hard drive usually results in better performance. Do a search for disk cleanup and follow the prompts.

Solution #4: Clean your registry: Your computer has something called a registry that stores important information about the users and applications that access your computer. As time goes by, registries become rife with errors. To find one, run a Web search for a registry cleaner. Most of them cost about $30, but they work great and are well worth the investment.

Solution #5: Run anti-spyware software: Like a computer virus, spyware is also a pretty nasty little monster. It sits on your computer and watches your every move, sometimes even sending information about your activity to other computers. Not a pretty picture, and it can slow down your performance as well. To disable your spyware (you likely have many), find any of a number of the excellent for-pay or free anti-spyware programs available on the Internet. I suggest running at least two. There is no harm in this and you will definitely find and fix more problems than if you just use one.

Solution #6: Buy more memory: Computer memory, or RAM, is like a temporary workspace that your computer uses for almost everything it does. If the workspace gets cluttered or full, the ability for your computer to take on additional work is hampered. With most applications these days requiring more and more memory, getting an additional 1GB or so of RAM is a very good investment and a great alternative to the cost of upgrading your machine.

Solution #7: Clean your hard drive more thoroughly:Your hard drive is the core of your machine, shuttling data back and forth between permanent storage and working memory (RAM). To keep it in tip-top shape, run a third-party hard drive cleaning application. CCleaner is great and is available for free on the Internet. There are other good products available as well. Running this should take about 5 minutes and your computer’s performance should show measurable improvement afterward.